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The former Rowley Ranch and family cemetery lies about 12 miles north of the South St. Vrain Canyon on Highway 7, on private property. The cemetery is located on a small rise within walking distance of the original ranch house. The area is fenced with barbed wire, 51ft 4 in on the west and east sides; 13ft 6in on the south and 15ft 6 in on the north. The graves lie along the west fence and were in fair condition in 2002. The family maintains access to the cemetery.


ROWLEY, Isabelle
17 Feb 1838
06 Nov 1894

ROWLEY, Hon. A. S.
19 Nov 1820
17 Oct 1889

ROWLEY, Ethel H.
15 Oct 1902
03 June 1904

[Gate located here]

ROWLEY, Baby of Theodore

ROWLEY, Baby of Arthur


About 11 miles west of Lyons across from the middle St. Vrain River on Highway 7 is a rock wall which keeps the graves from sliding down onto the road. The area was mapped unprofessionally. 47.9 linear feet, where there are five moss rock covered graves. Beginning furthest from the road, numbers 1-3 are unknown. The following information was supplied by Jack Rowley in 2000.

Infant son of Dick or A. S. Rowley - grave #4

"Old Lady" Haskins - grave #5

Calder family baby - #5

Bill House family baby - #6

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